Monday, May 18, 2009

EPL Champions 2009!!

Congratulations! Manchester United are the best team in the world..we've won it 18 times and amazingly 11th league title is under Ferguson..Long live fergie!!

BRAVO to all our great's great to see the whole squad so close and together..Congratz lads! What a marvellous season for us! Champion of England, Champion of the World..Although it's not over yet (To be champion of europe 2009) but we deserve to celebrate this...

Congratulations again to all the Manchester United players for their contribution this season...every single player has made a significant contribution to our success :-)

Liverpool FC have never won the "premiership" and that`s a FACT!!

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Lieya said...

Ooo peminat setia M.U ker??? Weitttt keje mane skang nie???? Ade kekosongan?? ahahhaa